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When you’re upset with your partner, it’s never easy to choose the right words to express yourself.Instead of explaining yourself, your mind would instinctively choose all the wrong words.If you constantly use the silent treatment once every few months, instead of looking at it as a regrettable incident, your partner’s regrettable sorrow would turn to rage for being treated this way.And instead of changing their behavior, your partner could actually end up repeating their behavior *even if they don’t tell you* just to get back at you!

It’s definitely wrong to stretch the silent treatment for more than a few hours, because that would convince your partner to become a liar in future.

But how you deal with those bad moments with your partner will determine the longevity and happiness in your relationship.

[Read: How the power of words can make or break your relationship] Sometimes, do you find it easier to just walk away from an argument, slam the door on your partner’s face and give them the silent treatment?

[Read: 7 secret signs of a relationship that’s about to go bad] What is the silent treatment?

Anyone who’s ever been in love would have experienced this at some point in their relationship, where one partner walks away in the middle of an angry conversation and doesn’t answer back to any question or remark.

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