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If I'd ever discover another fanfiction site on the internet that seems like a good place to spread my work, I will do so myself.Nothing on this entire planet gives you the right to take someone else's work and post it on another site, regardless of if you say that you didn't write it. I now also got a 1.) If you have a request, be polite.")- only a pairing; don't just spring a pairing at me and say "I want you to write more of this! If I had a plot for a pairing I like, I can assure you, I would be writing it.So if you want a pairing, request a plot for said pairing and we'll see- Fandoms I'm not a part of; chances are that if I haven't written for the fandom yet, I'm not part of it or not interested enough in it to invest time in stories for it3.) If you want a birthday present fic, then please request ahead of time.Now Percy has to adjust to living with his father he barely really knows and his stepmother and half-siblings, he also has to learn how to be a merman and realizes that there are so many different supernatural creatures as he is enrolled in a special high school for the supernatural.And like his life wasn't already complicated enough, he meets Nico di Angelo, the so-called Ghost King.This is mainly just cute.: On the island of Dragon's Edge, there are only two towns - Berk and Burgess.The shifters of Berk are led by their alpha Stoick Haddock, the shifters of Burgess are led by their alpha Fergus Dun Broch. Hiccup's a scrawny kid and no one really thinks he will be an alpha anyway, while Merida would never allow any alpha to tie her down - all she wants is adventure.

Someone warm and gentle who might just be able to melt the Ice Queen's heart.: Parent switch AU, where Percy is a son of Pluto, Nico is a son of Neptune and the other children of the Big Three are a surprise. What if Percy and Nico got to grow up together in New Rome, what if Percy had pet skeleton dinosaurs and Nico could turn into a merman?

At least one month ahead, so I have time to actually write it.

I'm not a typing-machine and I have a private life and enough own stories to work on too. There will be an Advent Calendar Project this year. Those oneshots will alternate between Hi Jack, Jimon, Malace, Shklance and Nicercy.

Poll: Since we can't put links onto the profile itself if they lead out of this site, I'll just put this on here. Now, through my tumblr account, I've gotten comfortable sharing not just fandom-related things but even my own stories.

My question now, are you guys interested in reading an original story of mine? Author has written 454 stories for Detective Conan/Case Closed, X-Men: The Movie, Eureka, Entourage, Jungle Cubs, Transformers, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Tale Spin, Kane Chronicles, Rise of the Guardians, Teen Wolf, Lion King, Arrow, Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ, Haikyu/ハイキュー, How to Train Your Dragon, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Avengers, Shadowhunters, and Mortal Instruments.

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    Acknowledge your teen’s pain but assure her that she will be happy again.