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Visual stimulation turned into strip clubs and flirting turned into more... In the end, of course, we both needed to turn things around..we didn't change our situation, a divorce was the next step. and white cotton t-shirt almost every night (Only about 4 sizes SMALLER! We not only fixed our doldrums, we went WAY PAST THAT!

I was once a guy who NEVER entertained the idea of cheating. Our marriage, our energy, and our intimacy is so intense it has made us both emotionally and As you probably know, your wife is full of powerful emotions.

After all, we had just been very angry and fighting with each other -- and on days when we're not fighting; no sex. Her body releases a bunch of endorphins and chemicals when she feels certain emotions. In fact, after some trial and error on my part I could control the chemical components of her emotions so well that I could make her (help her) lose weight, desire sex, have multiple orgasms, and open her mind to new experiences! Let me tell you, the experimentation, trial and error and mistake I made would have cost a lesser man his marriage!

These chemicals make her laugh, cry, yell, and nag as mentioned above. If I could understand, channel and control those emotions and, more importantly, how they would chemically affect her, I could evoke and manage that wild animal passion she had during "make-up sex" ANY TIME I WANTED. Once we understood and worked on these triggers (Yes, after a while she figured out what I was doing) we came up with a FOOL-PROOF system to create, channel and ACCELERATE her passion and lust to a level that was 10X more intense than when she was in her 20's. - Stop Having a SEXLESS marriage and create all the excitement you want!

She too is enjoying our sexually charged lifestyle. Except unlike teenagers, we really know how to go wild!!! But if you don't buy my guide or do something drastic RIGHT NOW to save your marriage and save your sex life you could lose your marriage and could be facing the fact the your best sexual exploits are all in the past!! I don't know why, but I get this question quite often. But I can say that it is NO LESS than 5 times per week and if we've been apart, it can climb to 5 times per DAY! I would have sex with her even more (we did it 22 times in 5 days during our vacation last year!! You will also learn step-by-step how to harness your wife's powerful emotions and channel them into a overflow of sexual desire for you!

There was a time when I was looking to other women to fulfill my desires.

There was a time when I was really regretting my marriage.

But once I took control she lost the weight and we have great sex once again. Actually you can be seducing your wife into sex just a few minutes after reading my guide but if you want her to lose some weight and look her best that will take time depending on where she is at the start.? Remember, the goal here is to get you wanting YOUR wife and to get her wanting you (all the time)! Can I use this to get women in bars to sleep with me? Married couples or dating couples, it will work for both. When people become bored, tired, or fight, the "fight or flight" response occurs and sadly too many marriages end in divorce.

Some people are concerned that the strategies in my guide border on brainwashing, hypnosis, or mind control. That is really kind of stupid and certainly not the case. Some people have gotten upset by the fact that my guide is very effective and instead of looking at it as a positive way to help heal a marriage they choose to see it as a way to control women. And no, it can not be used to make Do you have any pictures of your wife? I have scores of testimonials from couples who were thinking of marriage, entering their second marriage or about to be divorced that have used this guide to INSURE they have a satisfying life (And in the case of a 2nd marriage not make the same mistake twice). My wife and I could have easily taken the easy way out and split up over our differences. If you could have the PERFECT partner who was bubbly, attractive, horny ALL the time with a tight body, what would that be worth to you?

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