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For convenience, the corpus methods accept a single fileid or a list of fileids.

Similarly, we can specify the words or sentences we want in terms of files or categories.

The documents have been classified into 90 topics, and grouped into two sets, called "training" and "test"; thus, the text with fileid Unlike the Brown Corpus, categories in the Reuters corpus overlap with each other, simply because a news story often covers multiple topics.

We can ask for the topics covered by one or more documents, or for the documents included in one or more categories.

The simplest kind lacks any structure: it is just a collection of texts.

Often, texts are grouped into categories that might correspond to genre, source, author, language, etc.

We examined some small text collections in 1., such as the speeches known as the US Presidential Inaugural Addresses.

These are presented systematically in 2, where we also unpick the following code line by line.

The corpus contains over 10,000 posts, anonymized by replacing usernames with generic names of the form "User NNN", and manually edited to remove any other identifying information.

The corpus is organized into 15 files, where each file contains several hundred posts collected on a given date, for an age-specific chatroom (teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, plus a generic adults chatroom).

Unfortunately, for many languages, substantial corpora are not yet available.

Often there is insufficient government or industrial support for developing language resources, and individual efforts are piecemeal and hard to discover or re-use.

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