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The URL is Learning About programs are developed by a team of diabetes educators, literacy specialists, and noted artists and designers.

The result is clear, simply written patient education materials that are appealing and effective with both general and low literacy audiences.

The URL is Another site is especially for kids between 6 and 13 years old.

There is no need for the patient to visit the doctor personally to obtain high quality diabetes therapy.

The URL is Russian language version of the Diabetes / Insulin Tutorial—which is freely available at be accessed without charge via D.) is dedicated to advancing the role of the diabetes educator and improving the quality of diabetes education and care in Spain.

This tutorial is novel because while reading about, say, balancing insulin and diet in diabetes, it is possible to click on HTML links which allow dynamic interactive simulations of such clinical situations to be run using the "AIDA on-line" Web-based diabetes simulator at . "Mario's Startpagina" is a personal diabetes home page in Dutch by Mario Boek. The URL, in Spanish, is Diab Site comes from Berlin.

“Diabetes Lifelines” is a bimonthly online newsletter addressing medical, dietary, exercise, and pharmacological issues important to those with diabetes.

It begun in 2000 with an intended clientele of diabetes educators and health care professionals who then distributed the newsletter to their clients (readers).

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